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Thank You, West Virginia, for being there!

The Wolfhound

Regular Member
Sep 3, 2009
Henrico, Virginia, USA
So there I was traveling North on I-81, in Virginia, having briefed my navigator that I must disarm before entering "The People's Republic of Murderland" when suddenly I crossed the State line! Holy Crap! I just committed a felony! Whew! I did not realize I-81 crossed a small portion of West Virginia. Pull in to welcome station, disarm, empty and case the pistol. Drive resumed northward and rearmed in Pennsylvania for the duration of the trip until southbound again. Lather, rinse, repeat, rearmed in West Virgina on the way home. Have I ever said how much I hate stupid "Magical Lines"? Thank you for being a reasonable refuge from the tyrany of Maryland. LOL