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The Lush Life - Installment 1 - The Mojito


Regular Member
Jan 25, 2010
Loudoun County, Virginia, USA
What's a champaign room with no bartender?

The Mojito (MoHEEto) is a traditional Caribbean drink that is light, zesty & refreshing. Especially good enjoyed on a hot afternoon wearing a fine woven panama hat and seer-sucker suit overlooking your plantation.

What you need:
high ball glass
Seltzer Water (lime flavored for extra zip)
2 sprigs FRESH mint
2 limes
1tsp confectioner's sugar OR 2 oz simple syrup
2 - 4 oz Bacardi Silver Rum

Put your sugar or simple syrup in the bottom of the glass. Remove the mint leaves from one spring, tear & drop into the glass. Take one lime, roll it inder your palms on a hard surface to release the juice - cut in quarters & squeeze the juice into the glass - discard rhinds. Do the same to the other lime, but this time LIGHTY squeeze & drop the lime quarters into the glass. Muddle until the lime quaters are mushed (very technical term there). Add some seltzer until the glass is half full. Add some cracked ice (about a handfull) and stir. Add the leaves of the other mint sprig, the rum and stir again. Add another handful of cracked ice & seltzer to top off, stir again.

The drink should be rather milky with visible bits of mint & lime floating about. Let it sit for a minute to get really cold and enjoy making certain to chew on any mint and lime bits that you come across. For a refreshing cooler, leave out the rum. This can also be made by the pitcher.

A muddler is a small (about 6") baseball bat looking thing, usually made of wood. To use it, put the top end into the glass and lightly pound/stir the ingredients as you would a morter & pestle.

The use of Bacardi Silver is VERY important!!! It's the cleanest of the light rums and allows the flavor of the lime and mint to shine thru.

Do NOT use tonic water. Tonic has high fructose corn syrup in it and your drink will taste more like cough syrup then anything else.

To make simple syrup, bring four cups water to boil and add one cup confectioner's sugar. Boil ONLY until the sugar is dissolved. Place in an airtight bottle & chill in the fridge (obviously, make ahead of time). This will keep for about a month in the fridge.

Cheers & Enjoy! The next installment, I think, will be the Martini.