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Unlawful Detention by Mercer Island Police


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Jul 20, 2009
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jbone wrote:
Good God! If they are saying that every time you show up in the park or anywhere in their jurisdiction you will be profiled and harassed, is that not a civil liberties issue.

If a lady with unspeakable looking hairy moles on the face, a black man, an old man wearing a clown costume, or illegal alien was to suffer the same harassment and cuffing every time they were seen, what would that be called?

Is there a new LEO generation dedicated to the oppression of civil liberties.To the hell with your rights, I make the law from here-on-out. I don't give a rats ass with what State Law, State Constitution, or the US Constitution says; I make the Law bubby.

Does that pretty much sum of the Officers in you encounter?, not to mention the current reigning political party.
I would hope that an old man wearing a clown costume would be watched carefully. I would hope that an illegal alien would be detained, if by force or other wise, and deported by what ever means necessary--not necessarily to their home country; if not for the cost of "time," money, and cell space, I would also have that illegal alien arrested for a period of time (with no trial by jury, as that illegal alien does not qualify for any civil liberties).


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Jun 4, 2009
Mountlake Terrace, Washington, USA
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Mr. Mulhaney:

first, welcome to OCDO...you mention that you only signed up to comment on this incident, but by all means, stick around. I don't think I'm stepping out of bounds by saying that we're always in need of common sense on the board, & judging from your first posts, that is not a problem area for you.

I know I had a good phone conversation with the chief & the OP has also been corresponding with him via phone & email. AT THIS POINT, we're simply looking for the department to correct their shot-sightedness & move forward with the training bulletins..if, after the bulletins have been put in place & training done, it happens again, the chief is very well aware that the person will not hesitate to file the appropriate suits.

this avenue allows several things: :arrow: it shows that we're more interested in solving the problem than with lawsuits,which portrays us in a better light, not only with thechief, but with the courts (if needed at a later time) as well:arrow: it gives the department a chance to correct their errors and :arrow: in the event that it does happen to someone again, it gives even more leverage/chance of winning a lawsuitt at that time