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User name...why did you pick it?

Task Force 16

Campaign Veteran
Jul 20, 2008
Lobelville, Tennessee, USA
Mine has a historical reference of a US Naval TF built around the USS Enterprise CV6 that was in opperation in the Pacific when the Imperial Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. The tenacity of the ships company and the pilots of the several air groups that flew from that carriers deck all during WWII is quite impressive. The Enterprise went on to become the most decorated war ship of the US Navy, with 20 Battle Stars and a few other Commendations, including the British Royal Navys Admiralties Penant, the highest award of the RN. The Enterprise CV6 is the only none RN HMS ever to have recieved it.

You can read the history of the USS Enterprise at this link


Regular Member
Nov 1, 2009
Mattaponi, Virginia, United States
So funny all the gamer tags.

I had two names I used for gaming, when I used to game.

First was Suicidal-Tendencies. This had nothing to do with the band. It was because I used to play back in the day on a 28.8 baud modem, and lag would often lead to me walking off cliffs and such.

I kept this for the longest time, before switching to my last and most favorite,

It is from the Friday After Next movie. I always found it funny, and chose it after going on an epic 54-0 kill streak in Counter-Strike, on the Warehouse map, using only the:
Pump shotgun, and
Dual elites (dual barettas)
This are the hardest guns in the game to use effectively, and are generally hated by most players. It was such an epic run I changed my name for fun. I thought it was gonna be temporary but it stuck. Some of the people I played regularly with liked it so much they started using [RmG] tags when they were schooling noobs, but it was an inside joke and not a clan.

There are obvious reasons I don't use these names on this board! lol.


Regular Member
Oct 29, 2007
woman stuck in Maryland, ,
I have a nice pic for you! Oh yeah- trapping! Had 9 sets same creek, just set day before, and here is what I got the next day.

I was a longline Muskrat Trapper (400 sets) in Massholechusetts until the "Animal Worshippers" had a ballot question and NO MORE TRAPPING,, I moved to New Hampshire screw them.

Now on to the business of my user name...

Ok the coyotes and I have a thing going on for the past 18 years. And it is so rediculous that I seem to have a "coyote free zone" surrounding me. Go 10 miles in any direction and you find coyotes. One or 2 venture through the zone now and then, but they refuse to get caught in any of my traps, and have never even eaten a red fox out of one of my traps. I just have red foxes, red foxes, and red foxes.

18 years ago I was into American Indian stuff, and am about 6% myself. 18 years ago I looked to be a much higher %. My interest was big. I had 3 of what would be called " spirit dreams". One showed me I was not a wolf. The 2nd showed me red cedar is my friend. The 3rd had werecoyotes saying crap to me LOL. It was dream #3 that I got obsessed with. Coyote is one of my totems.

The XD40 is because it was my first semi auto, plus I carry it. I even dressed in a full coyote skin last Halloween, and OC'd the XD40 in public in PA. On june 18th this year ( 15th anniversary of the death of my beloved "Baltimore open carry" dog) this guy I know who I taught to do some trapping, shot a coyote. The darned thing was barking in the woods for a good while, so the guy got his .22 mag rifle and a dying rabbit mouth call, and called the stupid thing right in to just behind his house, and dropped it. I went over the next day and cut the feet off of it. I cleaned the tarsal bones and have made a necklace with them, along with both old and modern beads, and the pendant on the end is an antler slice with 2 of the coyote claws embedded and the bottom of a fired .40 Speer gold dot steel or nickle case between the claws. I am hoping to trap a coyote at that location this fall (if they let me).

stupid coyote( that's the hunter in the pic, not me LOL):

sudden valley gunner

Regular Member
Dec 13, 2008
Whatcom County
I picked mine because I perfer a triode driven, push-pull, balanced, pentode/five element output stage with cathode by-pass cap to supply local feedback. tubes rule.

So says my 100 JCM 900 dual reverb head, and my silver face slant with greenback 30's.
Awesome sound so sweet.


Regular Member
May 18, 2009
Paw Paw, Michigan, USA
HOPNPOP, or hop & pop

I've always had a huge love for skydiving. Even on cloudy and overcast days when there was a fairly low ceiling, I'd still be calling my friends to see if they were up for a jump. They'd say "but it's cloudy" or something to that effect, to which I'd reply "So, we'll do a couple 'hop and pops'!" which just meant not much time for freefall... hop out & pop your chute. So "hopnpop" was born...

...it's NOT a Dr. Seuess reference! :lol:


New member
Oct 3, 2009
, Wisconsin, USA
Used to street race a car back in the day that had a Buick 430, car had a lot of power. Although I have never seen a Staged 430 (1 or 2) I am building a hot 455 for my current car and running a set of 430 heads and valve covers so the 430 Stage 2 stickers from my avatar are going on. Very few people have ever heard of a Buick 430 much less a HiPo option.