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Violation of 2018 Mississippi Supreme Court decision by Harrison County Sheriff...


Aug 14, 2019

Be advised that this is a concealed carry lawsuit but, as in my Warren County situation, the same court decision caused the signs to be removed and I drove another nail in the coffin by open carrying in the courthouse. We can work together for our mutual benefit on these fronts.


Regular Member
Aug 22, 2013
here nc
Yo...if i put up an emotionalized statement like...”...But he is one of those guys in my opinion ...” along with my gofundme site would you guys send me money like this...?

hummm no income tax to pay & non-accountable to anybody...wow...just truly wow!

and this nasty sheriff’s been in office 3 years and only 7 days ago everyone rounding up the wagons based solely on ‘in my opinion” rhetoric ...