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Visiting Colorado from Washington


Regular Member
Aug 24, 2007
Spokane, Wa., ,
Good Day,
I will be driving so, obviously, I will have out of state plates. This always enhances the chance of being stopped and I want to be on top of the laws. My destination is Golden Co.
A few things,
My Washington CPL is not honored. So, I will be open carrying.
From what I have read, OC while driving is not considered concealed.
Pot will not be an issue on this trip.
I am not clear if (stopped) that I am by law, required to inform.
I don't know if I will be going through Denver but, Denver is in violation of state law regarding OC.

Feel free to let me in on any quirks in the system.


Regular Member
Mar 22, 2012
The High Plains of Wyoming
Ben gone a couple years but live just north and have reason to be in CO frequently.

Open carry is legal by the constitution everywhere in the state BUT the city and county of Denver. I open carry everywhere I go(except Denver) and have never had a problem. Had a cyber buddy who use to open carry in Denver all the time, said there is a "traveling"exception in the law; I have never tried it.

CO is very gun friendly especially on the western side of the mountain except Denver-Boulder and I open carry in Bolder and havent had a problem yet.

As I recall pot is legal in Washington, it is NOT legal in WY so you may encounter a little extra scrutiny here. WY is one on the most gun friendly states there is, notification not required but being from Washington you might consider making it a polisy if stopped, it will not cause a problem..
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