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Walmart & Range


State Researcher
Apr 18, 2007
, Indiana, USA
imported post

Well I went to the range today, but I decided to buy some ammo from walmart to make my excurision slightly less expensive.

I left the guns in the car just to make sure no altercation would arise, as I knew I was buying ammo, anything else I would have carried in.

I asked the gentleman working the counter if he would sell me the same ammo I was buying if I had a gun on my hip, he became very defense at this point and somewhat worried, I think he thought I was about to do something dangerous?

I told him why and I told him that through this website that I have heard the troubles others have had with walmart and that they typically abide by the state laws of the state they are in except when it comes to buying ammunition....

He said that he had worked at walmart for a while, but just recently in the hunting/game department....

He continued on to tell me that there was no policy that he was aware of that prohibited him to selling me anything just because I was in possesion of a firearm, and he said he would sell me it if indeed I had brought in my gun, I almost had to go out to my car and get my gun and a camera so you could all see this....

We continued talking for about 10 minutes on the subject, he was very receptive to my questions after the initial shock he had--he always said he would bring my concerns to the stores management and have some answers for me if I called back tomorrow, which is what I plan on doing if I get off of work in time, I would rather talk to someone on the day shift, after 10pm or so at walmart we get a lot of strange ones and I prefer not to associate with them if I do not have to.

-On a side note I bought 4 boxes of CCI 9mm, worked great in my new 9mm, but I also bought a few boxes of .22 ammo (40 grain lead), I have used lead that was 30 grain without hiccups before, and I prefer 40 grain CCI jacketed, they seem to work the best, but this junk they sold me today, more accurately, I paid for, was complete crap, it would not even cycle the gun if I held it with a vice bolted to a 12 inch concrete wall, nothing ejected, it was a royal pain in the a$$!

The 9mm stuff worked great and seemed to have more kick than the stuff I bought at the range, but I guess even if it is on the crappy side it would still cycle a 9mm, but with a .22 it really stinks, and I keep trying to clean this .22 but I cannot get the button depresed beneath the barrel, I do not want to try hitting it with a hammer but I am running out of ideas, I bought it used, that was my first mistake, but its a lot of trouble.

So in final thought, if you want to buy ammunition at walmart while carrying, maybe move to Indiana :)