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Weapons misconduct bill headed for full Senate vote


Regular Member
Dec 10, 2006
Tucson, Arizona, USA
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Heads up! I'mdrafting an AzCDL Alert on this that will get out (hopefully) tonight.

SB 1629,which reduces the penatly for carrying concealed without having a permit from a misdemeanor to a petty offense, just passed the Seante Committee of the Whole (COW) about an hour ago. It's headed for a vote by the full Senate - probably tomorrow (3/8/07).

Here is what I posted yesterday in the Alert about the COW:
so you can see what this bill is about.

If you value open carry in AZ, I'd recommend making noise with the Senate. Use the cut-and-paste letter from the link above and modify for "Third Read" instead of "COW" and send it to all the Senators (see the list).