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What makes hk specifically the usp fullsize .45 so good


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Feb 14, 2007
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Aside from the reduced recoil if you were going to war you would be away from supplies for weeks at a time would you take with you a 1911 custom or hk fullsize in .45. Mind you that gun cleaning will be at an all time low and the circumstances for gun fighting will be ditry and wet and you know all the elements and shit which gun as a side arm backup whatever would you choose and why?


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May 23, 2006
, Tennessee, USA
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Planning on going to war?

Both platforms have been used with great success, in all manner of conditions... Take your pick based on what suits you.

I would have no qualms about being issued either one... But if I had my pick, it'd be the H&K, simply based on capacity, weight, and ease of disassembly.

Is there a reason for continuing to repeat the same question? Are you looking for a specific answer?



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Jul 18, 2006
Northern VA
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1: sweet & smooth triggers
2: simplicity of design
3: ease of cleaning
4: 12+1 capacity
5: accurate (skilled shooters can empty a clip into the same hole @ 10 yrds)
6: some see USP's as a "status symbol" which I think is ridiculous. Both the USP and the 1911 are about the same cost-wise.

1: double stack mag/grip can be a problem for small hands
2: double stack mag/grip makes it kinda wide for IWB concealment
3: the slide is thicker than a 1911
4: v1 models (most common) have safety and slide release lever on the left side which dig into your side during IWB carry. You MUST wear a shirt underneath the gun or it will kill your skin from rubbing on it
5: replacement/spare mags are costly
6: not as many holster options

To answer your question about which to take to war, I'd take the HK for its simplicity and the fact that under combat conditions it would hold up better IMHO.