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Why don't you barking dogs get on the stick!


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Oct 5, 2006
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Now is the time to push a bill with your congressman/woman asking for a national reciprocity bill. Several have allready voiced their intentions to carry in their home states due to the recent tragic event in AZ. Just like any citizen they cannot carry in DC, NJ, MA, NY, IL, CA Etc Etc, but cops can! Under HR218 it is clear that the officer has NO authority to enforce laws, and that HR218 is for his/her personal protection only. Is their life more important than yours, or than a congressman? During the 8 years Republicans had control of the Congress and the Senate all they did was allow the AWB to sunset. How does that help me if I am robbed while traveling in CA and my Utah CCW is not good there? How does that help the Congressman who is visiting DC? Call your Congressman and ask him or her to push a bill through. It will benefit the Congressman with a CCW, and the licensed law abiding citizen as well!