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will the nra endorse harry reid


Regular Member
Apr 9, 2008
atlanta ga
Friday, July 9, 2010

A Wall Street Journal blog has reported that the NRA leadership is seriously considering an endorsement in the Nevada Senate race. But the endorsement might not be what you expect:

The chief lobbyist for the National Rifle Association made an interesting admission to The Weekly Standard following a Wednesday report by RedState.com that the powerful gun lobby might back Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in his general election battle against Republican Sharron Angle.

It's not that they might endorse Reid -- because they might, said chief lobbyist Chris Cox -- but that the issue doesn't appear to be as much about the records of Reid and Angle, but rather the specter of a Senate run by either Democratic Sens. Dick Durbin of Illinois or New York Sen. Chuck Schumer.

This should seriously concern gun owners, as Harry Reid is an F rated candidate by GOA -- a politician who has trampled all over the Constitution. In addition to pushing the massive, anti-gun ObamaCare bill through the Senate, Reid has helped to secure the confirmations of President Obama's left-wing radical nominees to the highest positions of power.

Sen. Reid voted for, and as Senate Leader set the schedule for, the likes of Attorney General Eric Holder. Holder was the point man for gun control initiatives such as the Brady bill and the semi-auto ban under President Clinton.

Holder also coauthored an amicus brief to the Supreme Court arguing in favor of the gun ban in the District of Columbia. Almost immediately after his confirmation, Holder called for the reinstatement of the Clinton gun ban.

Sen. Reid also pushed through Cass Sunstein as the new regulatory czar. Sunstein stated that he believes hunting should be banned.

The top legal advisor at the State Department, Harold Koh, also received Reid's support. Koh advocates bringing the U.S. into conformity with a global gun control agenda.

And the newest Supreme Court Justice, Sonia Sotomayor, could not have advanced if Sen. Reid had objected. Indeed, Sen. Reid voted for this anti-gun radical, who recently ruled that the Second Amendment does not protect a "fundamental" right.

As Majority Leader, Reid could have objected to any and all of these nominees and insisted that the president put forth men and women who respect the Second Amendment.

To see more of Senator Harry Reid's anti-gun record, please see: http://www.goapvf.org/index.php/sharron ... senate.htm

Bottom line: Harry Reid is not a friend of gun owners. The NRA leadership is concerned that Chuck Schumer (NY) or Dick Durbin (IL) might be elected as the new Senate Majority Leader if Reid loses. But most gun owners know this reason doesn't hold water because Harry Reid and the Democrats will not have dominating control after the November elections. And regardless, rewarding bad behavior just spoils the child!

It's obvious that the NRA has NOT told their membership about the radical anti-gun record of Harry Reid. But you can see it above. It's time to realize Reid is in a powerful position to do major harm against gun owners and must be stopped.

It's also obvious that the top leadership of the NRA -- Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre (who seems to be a close friend of Reid) and Chief lobbyist Chris Cox -- are in bed with the Nevada Senator. If this type of coziness continues, it would not be surprising to see NRA members demand that their leadership be removed from their positions of power, before they do irreparable harm to the Association and its laudable mission.

Please note very carefully: Gun Owners of America harbors no desire to "bash" the NRA; we simply do not want to see a gun-grabber endorsed as the United States Senate Majority Leader!

Reid is clearly calling in his "chips" to get a pass from the NRA in this critical election, so call the NRA and voice your alarm at this travesty and pass this on to your friends to help stop the Reid endorsement.

ACTION: Please ask the NRA leadership NOT to endorse Harry Reid in the Nevada Senate race -- especially since his opponent, Sharron Angle, is an extremely pro-gun advocate. ENCOURAGE YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS TO HELP IN URGING THE NRA MANAGEMENT TO STAY CLEAR OF ENDORSING REID AS WELL.

You can call the NRA at (800) 392-VOTE (8683).

Thank you for your commitment to the Second Amendment.