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WWII Vet fought with Patton's 2nd Armored


Regular Member
Jul 1, 2014
Tomahawk and Abbotsford, Wi.
I've talked to my neighbors quite a bit over the last six months since moving here. I helped one older gentlemen with his snowblower and a broken shear pin, and talked to his wife several times at the mailbox. Several weeks ago he said his wife had a stroke and was in Wausau about 30 miles away, and he didn't drive on the Interstate. Since I go there every couple of weeks to see my Mom, I offered to take him. His daughter is a VP at our bank, so I met with her so she could check me out, I guess. I was there with my dog, while OC. She mentioned my gun, she knew someone came into the bank OC, but didn't realize it was me. Not a big issue. She said her Dad gets confused sometimes, he said he held my dog's leash. I said he DID!!! I was working on his shear pin, and handed him the leash and said hold my dog. That was kind of funny. I told her I would take care of him, and treat him like my own Dad. So, we set everything up and I took him along on Monday.

Come to find out he is 89 years old, fought in WWII in Patton's 2nd Armored in France. Interesting guy, had a pretty good sense of humor. Lots of interesting stories. Said the French said three things wrong with Americans, Over fed, over sexed, and over here. Said someone was looking out for him, only reason he's still alive. He's not supposed to drive, said he drove all over France while getting shot at, what are they going to do to him now? I suspect the local small town cops kinda look the other way. He's a little hard to hear while I'm driving, so I didn't catch everything. Lost his hearing, from the tanks, said he got blown off the top of a tank by jet wash.

I'm taking him back in two weeks. I suspect I'll hear some of the same stories again. I dropped him off by his wife at a rehab facility. Took my Mom out to lunch, washed and gassed her car, and took her grocery shopping. Went back and picked him up. It was an interesting day! Wife lost use of her right arm, and walking is shaky. Not sure she can come back home, or if he can take of her? Said they had been together 67 years, 60 married. Don't see that too often anymore.