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www.handgunlaw.us Needs Your Assistance

Gary Slider

Regular Member
Jun 25, 2006
, ,
My name is Gary Slider. www.Handgunlaw.us is in the process of adding an image of every states Permit/License to Carry to its respective page. I am digitally building the images from images I can find and from images sent to me. Handgunlaw.us is seeking Images of State Permit/licenses from Montana, Wyoming, Mississippi and Delaware. Below are examples of Permit/License I have created from Images I have found on the net. They have my name on them.

http://www.handgunlaw.us/states/rhodeisland.pdf (A state page with image of License added)

But all the other info is made up. What I am wanting is a scan of your WY, MT, MS or KS Permit/License. I also realize that in most states not every issuing authority uses the same format for their permit/License. I also realize you just can’t scan your Permit/License and send it to someone who you have never met. You can use Microsoft Paint to cut out of the image certain facts like your Name, Street Address, Permit Number and your photo. I ask you to leave some of the info as that tells me the size and font of what is on the permit/license. I will change all of it and put my info in those areas. But do blot out enough info so no one can tell who the permit/license came from.
The background images on most permit/licenses are the hardest to reproduce.

If you could leave one number of the Permit/License Number. If you could leave one letter in your name and street address. That tells me the size and font of those entries.
I would ask that you don’t Private Message me here. I may miss it but if that is the only way you can contact me so be it. The best way to contact me is admins@handgunlaw.us or my home email address garyslider (AT) suddenlink (DOT) net I have to mess up my home email address because if I don’t I will get tons of spam there.

If you really wish you can call me at 3 0 4 X X X X 4 5 5 x x x x 4 2 7 4 (After 10am and before 11pm Eastern Time. I live in New Martinsville, West Virginia ) as I would really like to talk to you. I will also converse with you via phone or emails before you send any images. If I am not home please leave a message on my answering machine and I will call you back. I am retired

I hate to ask this way but I can not find images of the WY, MT, MS and DE perm it/license anywhere. This is the only way I will be able to obtain them. Thank you. Handgunlaw.us is not my work. It is all the people out there like you who supply me with Tips and Info. Without people giving me tips and info on changes etc I couldn’t keep all the info up to date. I will also like to have images from other states to compare to what I have on file. States change formats and I may have the wrong format for some states.

I am using OpenCarry.org as it is the mirror image of Handgunlaw.us We cover Concealed Carry and they cover Open Carry. They are a national group and have a chat area for each state. They do a great job at it also.
Thank you so much for any assistance you can give Handgunlaw.us. It is very much appreciated.

Stay Safe,
Gary Slider
Co-Owner www.handgunlaw.us