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York County Legislative Alert


Lone Star Veteran
Jan 13, 2007
Hampton Roads, Virginia, USA
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From VCDL....


URGENT York County Action Item


It is getting harder and harder for a law-abiding gun-owner to be able to shoot a firearm because of restrictions created by Virginia's various localities. And now York County wants to jump on board with its own restrictions.

The York County Board of Supervisors is having a hearing TONIGHT (May 19th) at 6 PM on a proposed firearm-discharge ban that will affect a large part of the County.

The ordinance will ban all rifle shooting that is not done at a gun range (no more shooting a rifle at home). It will also ban discharge of any firearm, BB, or paintball gun powered by carbon dioxide, within 300 feet of homes or businesses (unless the owners of those homes or businesses agree), as well as within 1,000 feet of school property.

We need to have a good turnout of York County residents to urge the Board of Supervisors to NOT pass the ordinance, leaving current laws alone.

Points to be made:

* The Second Amendment and Article I, Section 13 of the Virginia

Constitution give the right to individuals to keep and bear arms.

Shooting is an important part of that right and as long as it is being done safely should not be infringed. State law is sufficient to control firearms discharge.

* Rifles can be shot safely on private property with a berm. There is no need to force rifles to be discharged only at a gun range.

* Restricting the discharge of BB guns and paintball guns, especially a 300 foot limitation, is particularly ludicrous. BB guns can be shot in a house currently and this ordinance would prevent even that if there is a home or business within 300 feet.

The meeting is at:

Board Room

York Hall

301 Main Street


Here is a link to the ordinance:



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May 14, 2009
, Virginia, USA
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This sort of stuff is no joke, don't let your county end up looking like Snohomish County in WA where my parents live. I once took it upon myself to map out all the areas where discharge is illegal. See attached.