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Recent content by fairfax1

  1. fairfax1

    Townhall Meeting: Sen. Marsden & Del. Filler-corn

    Townhall Meeting: Senator Marsden (D-37th) & Delegate Filler-corn (D-41st) Saturday, June 19th 2010 from 1 - 2:30 pm Pohick Library, Burke VA On July 1st, hundreds of new laws will be added to the Code of Virginia. Some bills made relatively small changes to codes, usually of a...
  2. fairfax1

    Springfield GOP Rally, Who's Going?

    imported post SAT OCT 31, 8:30AM http://wms.fairfaxgop.com/volunteer-on-election-day/interstate-van-lines-gotv-rally/ Interstate Van Lines GOTV Rally JOIN FCRC AND INTERSTATE VAN LINES FOR A GOTV RALLY featuringBob McDonnell Bill Bolling Ken Cuccinelli and special guest Gov. Haley Barbour...
  3. fairfax1

    The 2009 Republican State Convention Thread - May 30th

    imported post I'm going to the convention on Saturday (taking the bus that Cuccinelli has running from Lorton). I'm thinking about OC'ing. Is anyone up for some kind of lunch meetup in Richmond on Saturday?
  4. fairfax1

    Libertarian Party of Virginia to host VCDL in Fairfax - March 16

    imported post Anyone going to this? ======= Chris Brookover, Chair of the LPNOVA invited VCDL's President to speak at their public meeting in March. Please come, and invite your friends and neighbors to hear Philip speak. The meeting will begin at 7pm at Brion's Grille in Fairfax...
  5. fairfax1

    VA-ALERT: Legislative Update 2/6/09

    imported post ****************************************** 1. Gun bill status ****************************************** Gun Bills Advancing in House This morning the Militia, Police, and Public Safety committee voted the following bills out of committee: HB 1655, Delegate Carrico, would put...
  6. fairfax1

    Upcoming Gun Bills in VA for 2009

    imported post Here are the gun bills, and any other bills that affect your gun rights, that have been introduced as of 1/14/09: VCDL STRONGLY SUPPORTS (9) HB 1587 - Delegate Marshall - opts Virginia out of Real ID (better known as Dangerous ID) HB 1655 - Delegate Carrico - Puts teeth in...
  7. fairfax1

    Virginia Arms gun store in Manassas featured on CNN

    imported post VIDEO LINK: http://www.cnn.com/2008/CRIME/11/11/obama.gun.sales/index.html#cnnSTCVideo From Kevin Bohn CNN Senior Producer WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Bernie Conatser has never seen business this good...
  8. fairfax1

    SAF & SCCC Hosting Campus Concealed Carry Forum - Friday Aug. 1st 1-5p in Washington DC

    imported post Is anyone else from GMU is going to this event on Friday in DC? More info can be found on the Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2387633753 ---- http://www.saf.org/viewpr-new.asp?id=273 The Second Amendment Foundation (SAF), in cooperation with Students for...
  9. fairfax1

    ABC Australia : US students lobby to carry guns at university

    imported post http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2008/04/16/2218284.htm US students lobby to carry guns at university By Washington correspondent Kim Landers Posted 1 hour 8 minutes ago Some students insist they have a right to self defence and that arming themselves could prevent a...
  10. fairfax1

    GMU Shooting Club Makes Field Trip To Gun Range (NBC Video)

    imported post GMU Shooting Club Makes Field Trip To Gun Range (NBC Video) TEXT: http://www.nbc4.com/education/15817713/detail.html VIDEO: http://video.nbc4.com/player/?id=237736 nbc4.com GMU Shooting Club Makes Field Trip To Gun Range POSTED: 5:48 pm EDT April 7, 2008 UPDATED: 7:58 pm...
  11. fairfax1

    Keep hitting this open carry rights poll

    imported post POLL at bottom right of page: http://www.wusa9.com TalkBack Opinion Poll: Should people in Northern Virginia be allowed to carry unconcealed handguns into restaurants which serve alcohol, which state law now allows? Yes/No/I'm not sure Virginia Gun Activists Taking Their Case to...
  12. fairfax1

    NRA's Wayne Lapierre Second Amendment Speech (video)

    imported post Here is the video from NRA's Wayne Lapierre when he spoke to the Conservative Political Action Conference Saturday in Washington DC. His speech deals with using firearms for self defense (actual stories), the DC gun ban, UK gun stories, and firearm politics. It is about 25 minutes...
  13. fairfax1

    GMU Broadside: Students Carry Empty Holsters (full article)

    imported post http://broadsideonline.com/10-29-2007/emptyholsters.php Students Carry Empty Holsters Protest Used to Fight Gun Policy Staff Reporter Ethan Vaughan Students for Concealed Carry on Campus, a national group with a chapter at George...
  14. fairfax1

    GMU Gun Holster Protest (short mention in Broadside)

    imported post The GMU campus newspaper, Broadside, has a small mention of the empty holster protest going on on campus this week:
  15. fairfax1

    GMU Broadside: Concealed Carry Would Only Make Things Worse

    imported post Two articles in the GMU student newspaper: http://broadsideonline.com/opinion.html [Thumbs Up] to the George Mason University Board of Visitors for strengthening the Mason policy prohibiting weapons on campus. In addition to prohibiting students, faculty and staff from bringing...