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Recent content by Firearms Iinstuctor

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    HB 102 Signed by Governor - Permitless, campus and Restaurant&Bar carry plus other enhancements

    The Montana constitution allows for regulation of concealed carry. RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS. The right of any person to keep or bear arms in defense of his own home, person, and property, or in aid of the civil power when thereto legally summoned, shall not be called in question, but nothing herein...
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    Not many school shootings recently.

    Never has been many so called school shootings
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    HB 102 Signed by Governor - Permitless, campus and Restaurant&Bar carry plus other enhancements

    Montana now has 3 state's of carry. None of them are 'defined' via legislature but rather implied by implementation. Open Carry Permitless Concealed Carry Permitted Concealed Carry It is always good to have options. As with any state where the weather can vary greatly taking off and adding...
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    HB 102 Signed by Governor - Permitless, campus and Restaurant&Bar carry plus other enhancements

    Very good A lot years travel to Montana two to 3 times. It will just be nicer this year.
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    Florida Republicans blocking pro-gun legislation

    Nothing really new in FL. They have had anti-freedom republicans there for a long time. Sad to see but very true
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    Montana Gun Laws

    Exactly some are never satisficed.
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    Looking for these in my community

    If you didn't notice those are not laundry machines..
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    Looking for these in my community

    Well they would have to be modified to take bills other wise you would lose money.
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    Philipsburg Town Council

    Yes good things seem to be happening in Montana I normally get to Montana a couple of times a year always enjoy my time there. I spent two weeks in P'burg about 10 years ago had a good time shooting gophers and shed hunting.
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    How will Opencarry be, with this Inserection act taking place ?

    Little big horn happened the way it did because Custer was over confident and did not respect his enemy.
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    Verticle Shoulder Holster

    I wore a shoulder holster 5 days a week 8 to 10 hours a day for over 3 decades To carry my secondary pistol in. I wear a shoulder holster when I am back packing or canoe camping. I have settled on all thumb break horizonal holsters. None of the vertical holsters i have tried and owned have...
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    ah, a young pro police civilian militia wantabe guards the community

    If you have the money. They jury options. IMHO having been in court many times. Judges tend to lean towards the state. Not all the time but enough to go with a jury.
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    Kansas eliminates permit requirement for concealed handgun carry

    Welcome to open carry. Having trained thousands of people over the last 40 plus years. After someone has been taught. It is up to them to make sure they utilize that training going forward. I have seen far to many think that trained once trained for ever. They never take further training or...
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    Visiting Wisconsin from Washington State

    On every entrance. In theory one would have a defense if one entrance to the building was not posted. But again one has to leave if asked.