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Recent content by ixtow

  1. ixtow

    I never plan things...

    But, tomorrow (6/18/2016), I'll be in Valdosta. Want to derp around Academy educating myself on rudimentary blue water trolling tackle. I usually grab a cuppa joe at BAM when I drive up to town... Might be convinced to swing by the LogHorn, or somewhere else, if anybody wants to show me their...
  2. ixtow

    Come witness my murder!

    https://goo.gl/iW0psS - I like to take the scenic route. If you can't ride on sand and gravel, might keep your chopper to the pavement... It's a nice lake in a town about 20 miles from my place. I just rode by on the bike. Nice breeze, 75 degrees. Perfect to tie a little bank line to my toe...
  3. ixtow

    Are we going to rock the boat, or just cry in our beer?

    Noble as their efforts may be, FloridaCarry.org needs to realize that being timid and "civilized" isn't going to make this happen. We have to take the fight to the enemy. If the days of the Blue RINO are to be numbered, it's up to us to number them. I've never "hunted" anything that walking in...
  4. ixtow

    Stuff about 80% shooty things

    I don't know if anyone recalls, or cared to know in the first place, about what happened to KT Ordnance when they opened their shop up to finishing 80% guns, and kinda did it all wrong. The story was that they sold the 80% frames, then had the CnC code handy and they just let the buyer push a...
  5. ixtow

    Debunking the FSA's Chairan's fraudulent misinformation

    http://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2015/11/robert-farago/memo-to-the-florida-sheriffs-association-heres-the-truth-about-open-carry/ Robert says it much nicer than I would... But still delivers the facts where this "official" re-parrots the usual lies, and some new ones he seems to have made up on...
  6. ixtow

    Why I Open Carry.

    After all this time, and being asked what I didn't realize was a trick question, I understand it better. There is no such thing as "Why do I Open Carry." The why of it is automatic. Conversation starter to counter the anti-right propaganda. To set an example. To prevent instead of retaliate...
  7. ixtow

    Is a triangular Sneaky Pete-type holster any more or less legal than rectangular?

    Rules for this thread (as if I were boss): If you're incapable of staying on topic, just don't post. If you're incapable of being not a complete asshat, just don't post. Is a triangular flap holster deemed to be printing in and of itself? Keep in mind I don't give one flying elevator-located...
  8. ixtow

    Madison County makes 790.25 moot?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XPAKYqG1mhw https://www.google.com/maps/@30.452195,-83.397206,3a,75y,355.8h,71.38t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1spop8EaF4fiwoDQwVpY0XYA!2e0
  9. ixtow

    Some crap you probably don't care about.

    I gutted some fake paracord and shoved some light fishing gear in it. Hitched it to my keychain. Always have fishing tackle with me in case "briefly" doesn't mean the same thing to me as it does to an activist with a badge... There are all kinds of places to fish around here... Accidental...
  10. ixtow

    Multi-titled public land

    Osceola National Forest. Also claimed by the FL FWC as Osceola WMA. Open Carry while Camping and Fishing there? Same could go for Ocala NF and Apalachicola NF. RFB? 1911? AK Pistol? (no, it won't be painted orange anywhere...) Preferred camping mode is dispersed camping and it's rare I even...
  11. ixtow

    Just checking in on you guys...

    With all that blood in the streets that was certain to follow your new Green State status, I just wanted to see if even one of you were left alive... What with all of the wild-west shootouts you must now be having while intoxicated... I'll be shocked, just shocked if there is anyone left alive...
  12. ixtow

    Welp, it had to happen eventually...

    Deleted since the GCO and the rest of the Forum seem to think it's perfectly acceptable for cops to act this way. Not going to waste my time performing a public service to a public that has repeatedly stabbed me in the back for almost my entire life. May you reap what you have sown.
  13. ixtow

    Aw crap, it's "that guy..."

    Does nobody live back in the mountains? I never see anyone post about Franklin, Asheville, Boone, etc... I was in Franklin, briefly, and was asked to leave a Grocery Store that claimed to be "American Owned" on two giant signs on the front of the store... I was booed by a loser for daring to...
  14. ixtow

    breif stateside nagativity

    Franklin, NC. OC G17 Serpa Paddle. Asked to leave Ingles grocer. Not posted, didn't bring up signs, just left. Ironically, they have two large signs claiming to be "American Owned" on the front of the building. Pretty sh!tty Americans... Spent money at Dollar General instead.
  15. ixtow

    The opposite of an Introduction

    I don't know if anybody noticed, but my location was removed a little while ago. Since I cannot afford to buy Rights, America is, in regard to Rights, far worse than many other countries. It's not just the State of Florida. I'm leaving the country and renouncing my citizenship. America is over...