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AK vs. AR


Regular Member
Feb 16, 2010
Anywhere but here.
I vote AR. More modular, definetely more accurate. I personally know people who've been hit with ak's and lived. AR hit is a death sentence. Superior ballistics, better weight distribution and more ammo for the weight. The AK is more forgiving when it comes to cleaning, I'll concede that point. However in my opinion the AR is the vastly superior weapon, particularly in the m4 format.

On your mark..... get set....................................

John Pierce

Staff member
May 5, 2006
I am an AK fan from way back. It has six moving parts, can be made in garage, and if you bury it in the mud, dig it up a year later and feed it the dirtiest ammo Russia ever made, it will still fire. :)

I have heard from military friends that the first thing you do when you hit Afghanistan or Iraq is get yourself an AK so that WHEN your AR jams, you have a gun. :)

And let the discussion begin. LOL!


Regular Member
Sep 29, 2008
I have several of both and except for the branding from the AK's they are more fun. I can still get branded from the AR's just not as easily.

Jack House

Regular Member
Jun 12, 2010
I80, USA
I personally know people who've been hit with ak's and lived. AR hit is a death sentence.
I'm pretty sure that has more to do with the shooter than the gun. A poor shot is likely to be much less lethal than a well placed shot.


Regular Member
Apr 20, 2009
South Whidbey, Washington, USA
We've got one of each. Cheapo WASR & DPMS Sportical. I say AK, the wife won't even let me touch her AR. In the Zombie apocalypse, the AK will be one of the few survivors who make it to the end of the movie. The AR won't make it past the first hour, or will make it almost to the end and then jam at a critical moment :eek:\

I think the caliber discussions are mostly irrelevant, you can get either weapon is just about any caliber you want now adays.

Now my wife absolutely LOVES the DPMS AR that's since become hers. She says it just shoots nicer, looks better, less recoil and "better ergonomics for a chick."
It's a nice gun but it it just feels kinda dainty to me.

The AK feels like you could drive over it a few times and it'd still shoot. Pretty much zero maintenance too. A squirt of dirty motor oil will keep it happy for hundreds of rounds, no fancy-schmancy $12 dollar an ounce superzoot teflon AR gun oil needed.

And besides the AK is the quintessential bad guy gun, and everyone knows the bad guy always has more fun. Right up until he gets kilt. :banana:


rifle ofcourse! love the folding ook chaser- as my kids call it.