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Bay Fair Event Covered - Castro Valley Patch Story with Poll


Jun 20, 2008
Pleasant Grove, Utah, USA
voted on poll...I went for the last category but I just notice the "unloaded" part.... I say ANY LOADED GUN. If you can carry it then CARRY IT!

Current results:

When it comes to openly carrying unloaded weapons I think:

The ban on handguns is a good idea 31 (12%)
The ban on handguns should be extended to long guns 68 (26%)
It should be OK for law abiding citizens to openly carry handguns 20 (7%)
It should be OK for law abiding citizens to open carry any gun 134 (52%)

Total votes: 253
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State Pioneer
May 22, 2006
Shasta County, California, USA
I did not post this poll to urge people to try to make a difference in its outcome. I posted this poll to illustrate that regardless of the intended goals, the net effect is that this demonstration has garnered a very vocal opposition. Currently, there are 88 people in this who say that long guns should be added to the open carry ban. In order to squelch people with this opinion and head off a legislative response, we would need at least 10 times that number who believe long guns shouldnt be added to the open carry ban.

While AB1934 was a close call, and AB144 was a slightly narrow victory for antigunners, the son of AB144 I believe will likely be a rout, unless AB144 is overturned by litigation.