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Brown Deer Firearm Law


Regular Member
May 2, 2009
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
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Pointman wrote:
Have you thought of contacting your alder-person(s) and asking the ordinance be removed in the interest of the city?

I have sent out letters, and e-mail to every board member/alder-person in about 50 miles. I think I must be up to about100 letters now. I have also sent out a "Noticeof Intent" with them (telling them that I will open carry). Every police department in 50 miles or so of me, has my name on a sheet of paper!

It is nice to know that some of the places (like Brown Deer) never had a law that bans open carry on the streets. As of this time, I have not found one place that does not have a ban in parks. So far, all parks are out, for me.

We do not need to hide any of this information. The anti people can do what ever they want to (and will). We have the law on our side. At this time, Statute 66.0409 will keep the anti laws at bay.

I sure would like to hear about the work others are doing to help us out. I have not seen a lot of posts about any work being done...

People, we have a fight on our hands, and it wont get any better sitten on your butts! Start sending letters out. Start going to local town meetings to voice your thoughts. Let the world know what you feelare your rights.

And get out and carry, as much as you can! If all you can do is walk your dog, that's great. People will see you, and will ask questions. The more people that we talk to, the more power we gain. So far for me, I have not had a single bad reaction. So far, the cops just drive by and I am left to go about my way.

It is so true, a right unexercised is a right lost!

On a side note, I am working on a open carry house party. My place is a real mess still (we had a fire last year), so that has been a big hold up so far. The good news is that I am IN Milwaukee, and have a large area that is not in school zones, so a walk in my neighborhood is all good.:D I am still thinking about a full pig roast.:lol: