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Buffalo Wid Wings "leave your gun in the car'


Regular Member
Mar 24, 2011
Does it not seem fair that if we want our rights respected as gun owners we should demonstrate that respect by respecting the rights of others? Who really benefits from these exchanges?

I agree, which is why I respected the managers request and took my firearm outside. I did not want to infringe on the companies rights. But... I feel that if they do not want to respect my decision to carry a firearm then I reserve the right not to give them my business. My firearm was clearly in view of several employees and I noticed them eye-balling it while we waited to be seated, I feel they should have "notified" me of the companies policy before we had been seated for several minutes and ordered.

Hello to the GA OC community from Idaho!

I have to ask if this is the same Kennesaw, GA that years (a decade or three?) enacted a local ordinance requiring firearms ownership (with an opt out) and experienced a dramatic decrease in crime? The one that made the gun-grabbers howl and issue dire predictions of wild-west shootouts? (I live in the "wild west" and have yet to see one...they only happen in re-enactments and CAS events, far as I know)

If so, what has happened to the fair city since?

Love to visit GA sometime & take in the scenery & hospitality....



Yes sir, this is the same Kennesaw.