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Canadian uses crossbow to kill another man


Regular Member
Jul 31, 2007
, South Carolina, USA
Time to ban those too.

Almost are.
RCMP reports the only crossbows prohibited in Canada are those that can be fired with one hand and are 19 inches (50 centimeters) or less in length. A license or registration certificate is not required to own crossbows longer than 19 inches that require two hands to use. Such crossbows are sold in hunting shops across Canada.


Jan 16, 2011
the earth
Yep. Best ban kitchen knives, baseball and cricket bats, hockey sticks, cross country and down hill skis and poles (My God, they have pointy tips!!!) branches over one inch thick on the ground...

Civility is one thing. Being held in thrall to Rome in Ottawa and Montreal...quite another.

First they change the flag to an abomination using only the Papal red and white, then they put in place nothing but RC Prime Ministers for almost 30 years, then they make you license a gun every 5 years (so you get to pay even more for slavery AND pay for the eventual removal of your gun rights).

England may well be a "nation of shopkeepers", but most Canadians don't even rate that high on the scale.