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Nov 28, 2017
Okay so I drive 1 hour to work. I have a valid concealed carry permit. The company I work for has a rule of no weapons on the property. Can I carry my concealed weapon to work and leave it in my car? What iowa law will protect this? I need a specific answer and proof.

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May 21, 2006
There is no law allowing the storage of a personal gun in your vehicle on company property in Iowa AND you are an employee at will - can be dismissed/fired for any reason.


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Apr 7, 2013
Well, OP, it would help if you were less vague and a bit less demanding. Welcome to OCDO. Note the name of the forum.

Can you excerpt and post the 'actual rule' that the company gives you? Just for curiosity's sake. Maybe there's a provision which excludes permitted carry. Sometimes rules are convoluted.

Are you parking your car on company property? Is the company a federal one, such as the Post Office, or Court, federal or state, building? Is it a school?

If it's a very small company, you may be able to get permission from the owner.

You say 'I drive 1 hour to work'. How is that relevant? Are you worried about road rage violence? Are you working nights such that you feel you need it on the walk in to work?

How are you going to deal if you can not carry and you must park in the lot, and, perhaps it is a Federal building? Are you male or female? If you are female, if you are working in a federal or prohibited building and you must park in the lot, you could ask for an escort, you could ask for the lot to be secured. You could ask for gated entry.

You could drive in with a carpool, perhaps another person who is working there. There is safety in numbers.

If you are a robust an athletic male and you just want to carry your firearm because you think it could let you be a bully in traffic, then I'd suggest you look at other choices.

If you are a victim of a stalker, or feel real danger, or need protection, then you should look to other solutions, again, even changing jobs.

Good luck.