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Colorado gun sales up.


Regular Member
Jul 24, 2012
St Charles
Yes this was on the local news tonight

OK So why do you think the sales are up?

I know in general more and more people are buying guns with record sales every month. Ruger has put sales on hold in recent history. I wonder what would drive this town in CO to sunddenly have a boom in sales? Do you think people are scared and want protection OR do you think they are scared that the calls from Obahma Compain to ban guns is driving them to buy, buy, buy? Just courious?


Regular Member
May 5, 2012
Selma, NC
I could careless about the gun control ban, anybody wants to try and take what's not theirs will be shot. :p


Campaign Veteran
Jan 14, 2010
Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA
It's not the UN treaty, which was, by the way, defeated.

Did you even look at the link in the OP? Here it is again.

The sales spike was a local one, and only since the shooting in Aurora last week. Same thing happened in Arizona after Congressman Giffords was shot.

Meanwhile, although the Obama's plan to end-run the U.S. military oath of office via the U.N. treaty has failed, he's still amassing private "security" forces loyal only to a paycheck.