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Culpeper MWAG, school


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May 24, 2013
Culpeper VA
In other words ..... I guess your DVR does not work with MLB and college football. So sorry to hear of that.

And what's wrong with families being around? Are you afraid the mere sight of you will cause horses to faint and women to stampede?

I picked 5 PM so you could miss all the NoVa-ish rush hour traffic coming and going. Also to allow me to do those things which are on my schedule for the day, and hope that you could clear most of your to-do list before leaving.

I guess being considerate is a very very very old value with no relevance these days.

I'll still be there at 5 PM if you would care to take the chance that the discussion you and I both seemed to want is more important than your other activities.

stay ssafe.
Ugh, just so much wrong again. It's like you people live in a bubble and have one stale point of view.

Who in their right mind would DVR sports? You'd have to hate sports to do that and risk seeing scores or other people talking about it. Additionally I've made it clear I'm a gambler, you can't gamble sports on a DVR delay.

I meant when my family isn't around. Not other families. I don't want to lose time with my family to spend it with a grumpy old man who can't even understand simple forum chat.

One man's time consideration is another man's inconvenience. At night people are settling down, not deciding to drive 3+ hours in 2 directions. That's why the work day starts at 8 am for most and not 5 pm.

Seriously, what makes more sense to you. Getting up and meeting someone or spending the whole day doing stuff, being busy, getting tired, and then spending another 5 hours with a random internet person? On a Friday no less, the end of a work week when people are gearing up to relax for the weekend.

Please for the love of God stop trying to make "smart intellectual" posts that completely miss the mark.
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Jan 15, 2007
OK, I misunderstood his comment about family. But in my defense he seems more concerned with on-line gambling and watching sports so you can see where/why/how I got it wrong.

I had an excellent chopped sirloin with real gravy - none of that gravy base stuff. Mashed potatoes with the shins still on. Green beans with chunks of ham hock as well as strips of bacon.

Sadly, I dined alone.

I have a strong feeling that mkatzpp never intended to show up. It's just a feeling. I also wonder if I should bother to see if he's willing to meet for lunch Wednesday, Thursday or Friday next week (meeting with an attorney Monday and seeing my PCP Tuesday + our OC dinner that I don't want to be late for) somewhere in the Fredericksburg area - that's about halfway for both of us. Like that annoying TV commercial - Should I stay or should I go?

stay safe.

color of law

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Oct 7, 2007
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
--Mod edited 1[SUP]st[/SUP] sentence--

I'll hold that thought until Skid wastes more gas money. It does not sound like the finger licken good dinner was a sacrifice.
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Aug 18, 2013
gas w/b wasted later tonite....

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