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Gillette response to new permit-less CC (?)


New member
Apr 30, 2011
Short notice, but on 2 May at the City Council meeting, it appears there will be an attempt to introduce new municipal legislation in response to the new WY 'permit-less' carry law within the city of Gillette. There's a lot to read here and I've not sorted it out myself yet. I don't know yet if this is a good thing, a misdirected idea or an attempt to further restrict what the state has made free.

It's on the agenda - found here Page 3, section L, 1 "An Ordinance to Amend Section 14-33 and Enacting Section 14-5 of the Gillette City Code Concerning Firearms." The actual proposed law starts on page 144 - 177 of that document. Would be good to get some more eyes on it.

It appears they intend to use the 'exception' clause in the state preemption law and claim the carry of firearms is a 'threat to public safety' and prohibit carry in certain places (not all of which are clear to me just now.) Lots of attachments and even an opinion letter from the State AG on what may well not be a related question.

Just did hear about this - no idea what's planned or what the reaction or even the probability of being introduced this thing has. On the top, it appears they're trying to make their local law come into compliance with the new state law. At the VERY least, it's worth keeping an eye on it. I expect other councils around the state will be watching.

Any law dogs with a nose for trouble around?


New member
May 3, 2011
Gillette, WY, USA
Exception denied in first reading

Several of the City Council members are gun advocates, and by motion they called to remove the 'exception' from the initial amendment. This would simply enact legislation mirroring the new state law. Last night was still only the first reading, so we still have two more to go before the 'exception' is dead. Even so, the lingering possibility that another run at controlling gun rights at the city level looms overhead, so we will continue to keep an eye on this.

WyGO's director made clear that any attempt to regulate firearms at the city level, against the state preemption, would result in lawsuit. The mayor noted this statement. After a unanimous vote by the council, the first reading accepted the 'mirroring' of the state law within the city, leaving out the exception for government buildings.

Hope this sheds some light on this round of city-level attempts to legislate something that is simply outside of their scope.