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Glock 26 Gen 4?


Regular Member
Nov 2, 2010
New Martinsville, WV
I just bought one... I assume it is a gen 4, it was brand new from the local shop... Glock 26, with 2 mags, tax and all was $572.

Nice gun, I like it... grip is a tad short, but I like it... fits my smaller hands fine. I like that the 17 round mags from my Glock 17 fit right in, just stick out the bottom of the grip farther... I have had it with me every day since I got it...


Regular Member
Jan 10, 2011
Maple Valley, WA
Just a few days ago I almost went with a glock 26, but I chose to spend an extra $50 and buy the S&W M&P9c. It's pretty much the same size, but the difference between the two is that the M&P has an ambidexrous slide & mag release, (which is a big deal for southpaws like me) and interchangeable backstraps for different-sized hands. The final thing that sealed the deal for me was the tactical rail, which is something glocks don't have. I also haven't heard about major reliability issues with that model. The glock 26 is a good gun, don't get me wrong, but I recommend spending the extra $50 on something that I've found is superior.

Also, I haven't shot the glock 26, but I have shot the larger glock 19, and find that the recoil is much lower in the S&W than the glock.

I'm sure you will be very pleased however in whichever gun you choose!