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Henrico COPS: a visible handgun inside a school employee's car -- a CRIME


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Nov 5, 2007
Richmond, Virginia, USA
So, according to Henrico police, a visible handgun inside an employee's car parked on school property is a crime -- even unknowingly.

What is it about Henrico County?

Gun, ammo found in staff member's car at Henrico school; charges are pending, police say
A handgun and ammunition were found in the car of a Henrico County high school employee Thursday afternoon, according to police.

A staff member at The Campus at Virginia Randolph, a career and technical education high school, glimpsed a .45-caliber M19 pistol — a former popular service weapon of the U.S. military — in a car around 3:30 p.m., when school was about to dismiss for the day Thursday.

The gun was in plain view, according to Lt. Richard Brown. It was initially thought to be a student's gun, but after an investigation, Brown said it was determined that it belonged to an employee, who denied the gun was his.


Charges are pending, according to police. It is illegal to possess a firearm on school property, according to Virginia's code.

"While this weapon was not used or displayed in a threatening manner, we immediately referred the matter to Henrico police for further investigation, and we take this very seriously," Andy Jenks, spokesman for Henrico County Public Schools, said. "The safety of our students and staff is our highest priority, and we want all of our families to feel comfortable bringing any concerns to our attention."

How Progressive!

And since when is a .45 caliber a former popular service weapon? Oh and visible becomes glimpsed -- how convenient.

Andy Jenks used to be with WWBT.
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