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It's time to be vigilant in New Hampshire


Regular Member
Aug 7, 2007
Granite State of Mind
With the change in leadership in the General Court, we can expect a strong push to roll back gun rights in the Granite State. One of the first moves expected is the adoption of rules prohibiting or limiting carry in the State House -- at least by legislators, if not the general public.

The adoption of rules will happen on Organization Day, December 5, when legislators are sworn in, the speaker is chosen, and the State House rules are adopted.

I'm a newly elected state rep (Coös County District 4), and I will be fighting like hell to keep gun rights for everyone in our great state.

No matter who your reps are, please call them and tell them you expect New Hampshire's tradition of the best gun rights in the nation, and the lowest rate of gun crimes in the nation, to continue.


Regular Member
Apr 2, 2011
Manchester, New Hampshire
Congratulations on your victory, KBCraig.

Unfortunately though, we lost the State House. All that stands between a total loss of our rights is Governor Sununu's veto (based on the numbers in House/Senate).

The next two years are going to be scary. Why people would vote they way they did in the general election is madness. We are in one of the greatest eras of prosperity in State history. Why "fix" it?