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Lowering Serpa non-duty holster to below waist level


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Jul 11, 2008
West Bloomfield, Michigan, USA
I live in the northern climes (Michigan) and wished to continue OC'ing with a jacket as we move into late fall and winter. I use a Blackhawk Serpa non-duty holster. Just wanted something to lower it from waist level to below waist level to accomodate wear of jackets or thick sweaters, without having to uncomfortably squeeze and tuck outer layers behind the gun. I wanted an alternative to wearing a thigh rig or a belt and holster outside my jacket.

The solution I found was to attach my non-duty holster to Blackhawk's "Jacket Slot Duty Belt Loop" (JSDBL). It works great! However, if you do this, there are some simple modifications required. This is because the JSDBL is designed for use with Serpa duty holsters, not Serpa non-duty type holsters. The relevant difference is the diameter and length of the attachment screws. You can't use the screws that come with the JSDBL because they are duty holster screws and are too large in diameter. You can't use your non-duty screws because they are too short in length.

Reference attached image below:

The solution I found to be very satisfactory and cheap is to buy standard 8-32 screws at the hardware store and cut them to the length required. Use the screws that come with the JSDBL for length reference. When buying the 8-32 screws, two things to check at the hardware store with your holster and the JSDBL in hand:

1)Verify the thread of the screws are proper and the screws go in easily on your holster. Do this gently. If not, look for 8-32 screws with the proper thread type.

2)Buy screws with head size that is as similar as possible in width to the heads on the screws that come with the JSDBL. Test that the 8-32 screw heads aren't too small or too large to work with the JSDBL.

Also, not required but I highly recommend it:
Insert spacers on the two slots your belt goes through on the JSDBL, if you want to easily and quickly put it on and take it off your belt. The spacers will have to have a "doughnut" shape (hole in the middle) to accomodate the belt slot securing screws. I found that one 1/4" nylon nut for each slot does the job perfectly. If you do this, you will also need to fashion from your 8-32 screw inventory two new slot securing screws with the additional length required by the spacers.

So, in total, the hardware requirements I needed for my modification:

Three 8-32 screws cut to proper length to attach non-duty holster to the JSDBL.
Two 1/4" nylon nuts for belt slot spacers.
Two 8-32 screws (same thread type as above) cut to proper length to replace the original belt slot securing screws.

Jacket Slot Duty Belt Loop


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Sep 23, 2009
Grennsboro NC
I own 2 Coyote Tan Serpas for my 1911. One is on the standard paddle mount, and th eother is on one of their Drop Loops. The paddle Serpa is for carry during most of the year, but I have one on a drop loop for "winter OC" so I can still OC when wearing a short jacket.

I found this accessory about a year ago. It is a brilliant solution for "cold weather OC". I can use the same style holster year-round, so I don't have to completely re-learn drawing for the lower holster.

Thanks for the great review!

Blackhawk is a great company, an their customer support is top-notch.

A word of advice--put a drop of LocTite on the screws when you mount your Serpa on the Drop Loop. The lowered position puts a little more stress on the screws, and they can worl loose if you don't secure them with LocTite or something...
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Brass Magnet

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Apr 23, 2009
Right Behind You!, Wisconsin, USA
1)Verify the thread of the screws are proper and the screws go in easily on your holster. Do this gently. If not, look for 8-32 screws with the proper thread type.

I think you are a little mixed up on your screws. and #8-32 is a #8-32, there aren't any other thread types for an #8-32. #8-32 is the thread. This would be a lot less confusing with the proper screw size that you actually used. I'm not trying to get down on you, just would like to know the actual screw size in case I, or others, would like to try this.

FYI, an #8-32 external thread has a diameter in between .1631, and .1571 and has 32 threads per inch.


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May 21, 2006
Any good clothier or uniform shop can install a zipper or velcro opening in a winter coat much like LEO's uniform coat = same holster, same position.
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