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Michigan open carry reference chart


Dec 19, 2009
Davisburg, Michigan, United States
Smellslikemichigan told me today that "if its not illegal, then its legal" well i was looking at the OC chart on this page and I saw that, since I do not have a CPL, these are the places I can NOT OC:

A bank or financial institution
A church or other house of religious worship
A court
A theatre
A sports arena
A day care center
A hospital
A school (K-12)
Any establishment licensed by the Mich liquor act

So does this mean I can OC everywhere else?

Smellslikemichigan is almost right. Everything he told you is correct, but you may NOT carry into federal buildings or property.For example any post office, or military base.

You're vehicle is considered concealed carry, even if it is visible. No car carry without a CPL. Must be in a GUN case, unloaded, and in the trunk.
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Regular Member
Feb 16, 2010
Raggs;1866984 Why bother OCing if this law passes would be the better thing to wonder.[/QUOTE said:
Some people can't get, or don't want a CPL.

There are more places to OC that are not (former?) PFZs than not.

OC is still the most effective method of promoting and protecting the RKBA, whether concealed, or otherwise.


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Dec 7, 2013
I'm very grateful for the wealth of info here ! I just renewed my CPL and have been raising my open carry awareness so I can fully excersize my freedom.

I know I'll have some questions going forward, and I can tell there is knowledge and support I will require. Thanks for past present &future info ! :D