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More correct term: 'Firearm' or 'Weapon'


Regular Member
Jan 24, 2007
Englewood, Ohio, USA

Marines for centuries have been taught you carry your rifle and your sidearm.

Later on someone said The Most Dangerous Weapon in the World is a Marine and his rifle.


Regular Member
Mar 12, 2011
Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States
The NRA has done much more good than most gun organizations but I don't agree with everything they do. I understand why they don't call them weapons, but I don't OC in case I have the desire to shoot clay pigeons walking down the street. Being an NRA instructor is great, I still don't buy the "never say weapon" bs. It's pandering to the people who are the real problem. I won't let anti gun leftist nutjobs dictate what terminology I use.

The NRA teaches us to not use the "W" word because some people fear it. Nothing to do with PC crap or the media and everything to do with the student in front of me. You must understand some of our students have never touched a gun before and some even fear guns. Using terminology that sets the correct attitude is important. That gun they have may never be more than a paper punch, is it still a weapon? I think not. In the military you are trained to use a weapon, the intent of the gun is to be a weapon. When i teach a Basic Pistol course I am not teaching anyone how to use a gun as anything more than an extended distance paper punch.