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Not all business people are anti carry

Jason in WI

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Mar 5, 2010
Under your bed
This business was presented as a counter point to Robert Hack Diamonds position on carry. It was on channel 6 tonight.

I plan on spending some money there.

http://www.downtownwestallis.org/business webpages/bookedsolid.htm

Yea, I seen that! Cute little lady, I want to hang out there and call her grandma!

[strike]Someone needs to find post the video, I would but I'm pressed for time.[/strike]
Found it, it was too cool not to share. Good part starts half way through. (Sorry I couldn't embed)

Do you like how they must had told her to rearrange the firearm magazines while they filmed? :cuss::banghead::mad:

First time I seen a firearm welcome sign ;).
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Jul 18, 2009
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Greenfiled News and Hobby...

on 68th and Layton has always been friendly to OCing. I remember when I first joined up here there was a member, can't remember who, told me that not only is the store OC friendly but the owner/ manager is a supporter of gun rights. I need to double check the location of the place in West Allis because IIRC there is a school nearby so until we get the permits we may not be able to carry there.