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OC in National Forest Campgrounds question answered by LEO


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Jan 6, 2010
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A short while back I started a thread to try and answer the question of OC in Chequamegon / Nicolet national forest campgrounds.

I just got off the phone with the LEO at the Chequamegon forest supervisor's office in Park Falls, whom I had contacted last week and he has answered the question.

OC is 100% legal in national forest campgronds and on all national forest land.

He did advise me that since most people are unaware of OC being legal in Wisconsin, other campers might be freaked out by someone OC'ing in the campground and call the sherriff or national forest police and report a MWAG, and that it could lead to an unpleasant encounter with local LEOs, even though OC is within the laws. He advised that if one does OC, to be respectful of others who are afraid of people with guns.

I remarked that most people just aren't used to seeing OC yet, and that explaining to them that BG's don't wear holsters for all to see can help them understand OC a bit better.

He agreed.

I brought up the point that I had found some contradicting information at the website "www.recreation.gov" and that the bulletins found on the site state that firearms and fireworks are prohibited in all national forest campgrounds.

The LEO looked at it on his computer and said the information posted is incorrect. That website is not hosted by the Chequamegon / Nicolet national forest, rather it is a federal website and a database for all national forest camping in the country.

He informed me that he would find out who to contact regarding "recreation.gov" and see if the incorrect information could be changed to accurately reflect Wisconsin law.

My conversation with the Park Falls Ranger district LEO was very positive and informative. With that I thanked him for his time and returning my call, and that was that.


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Dec 2, 2008
The Northwoods, lakeland area, Wisconsin, USA
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I know you can be armed in a national forest (because that is where I do most of my hunting) but I would really dig into the campground rules just to make absolutely sure you are not in violation in any way whatsoever by being armed.
I do not trust law enforcement people to interpret thelaws, just because most of them do not know them too well.

State laws can be more restrictive that federal laws, and WI state laws state all firearms must be unloaded and encased in a campground on "State" property, By knowing that, I would expect to be arrested in a federal campground by a state or local cop in the area..

Research it yourself, or have an attorney do it for you, just don't trust the cops interpretation. Just remember it does not take a high intelligence level to be a cop! And most of them I have had contact with prove that fact very early on.


May 1, 2009
Chilton, Wisconsin, USA
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and a bash bash here, and a bash bash there, here a bash, there a bash, everywhere a bash bash! God, I love the First Amendment almost as much as the Second!

It is not bashin if it is truth!

By the way, welcome back Nutz. We missed ya!