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OC'ed Around Newark Yesterday


Regular Member
Dec 14, 2006
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
imported post

I was in Newark DE yesterday for a little while.

Just basically walked up the main drag there. It brought back memories of when I used to live there with my ex-GF who want to UD.

I went OC'ed at the music store and bought a couple of CD's and a few vinyl records. I was lucky to find Neil Young's Harvest and the Doors on vinyl in mint condition.

Then went over to Cluck-U and got lunch.

Got a few strange looks and a couple of smiles, but other then that there was nothing to it.

Now that I have been back, I forgot how nice of a town Newark is. Maybe next month when I visit Baltimore again, I will drive up. On the way out when I got on I-95 south, I totally forgot about X-Ring supply. Thats a great gi8n store and a good group of folks working there.
Next time for sure I will stop in and say hello.



Regular Member
Jul 17, 2009
York, Pennsylvania, USA
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Glad to hear it. I have family close to Newark, and in Wilmington. I got my Utah permit just so I could carry open or concealed when visiting Delaware.

When I'm there, I'm usually not out and about all that much, but it happens from time to time, and I have not had any issues yet either.

Here's to hoping it stays that way!