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Olympia rally 19th?

1245A Defender

Regular Member
Jul 7, 2009
north mason county, Washington, USA

Well, Bill, I thank you for all the great pics...
And I say, It was swell to see you again today, been awhile!

We had an enthusiastic turn out of about 150 folks
The other state with a decent turn out was Ohio,,, with about 75 folks..

Some posts about excess gun handling some how have got posted in the "moms demand action thread"
dont know why...

My story is a WSP asked a M1 Garand carrier about his purdy gun,
the carrier unslung,,,, flagged me and many others, multiple times so he could show it off!!!

I grabbed the muzzle, pointed it "up", then conferred "pointedly" with both the carrier, and the WSP ossifer!!

And I remember seeing the guy that had his rifle slung on a string of "twine"!!!

ETA,,, I met and spoke to Travis,,, made sure he would make at least 1 post
on OCDO so that we can see and spread the word of any future events,,
many of us do not use face book!
I think that fact has a lot to do with this years much lower turn out....
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