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Open carry ban in all 50 states?


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Jul 31, 2011
North Carolina
They are just planting the seeds for Hillary, I have no doubt she will try to get such legislation passed. But most likely she will want the elimination of carry by any means.


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May 27, 2014
And from where to you get your truth?

Good people ought to be armed as they will, with wits and guns and the truth. God Bless US Bitter Clingers. Praise Kek
Don't have an answer for that. I just cringe when I hear people use snopes as the "is it true?" end all. They have been proven to be biased and have an agenda. Just do a google for "snopes bias" and you'll have plenty to support this.

1st one I found....



Jul 5, 2006
LOL. From Snopes to G00gle to truth. I would trust Snopes before G00gle, or BING or Yahoo. I remember when yahoo was an epithet for a hillbilly.
I think you missed the point. idodishez simply used his favored search engine to find web pages providing information about the bias of snopes.

Snopes probably does a pretty decent job on urban myths having little or nothing to do with politics, social morality, or anything else where the Progressives have a dog in the fight. But where the Progs have a bias, that bias is quite likely to show up in what Snopes reports. A careful reader doesn't even need outside confirmation to realize this as the Prog bias shows through pretty transparently in the writing style in some articles.

For example, a search for "guns" on the snopes internal search engine brings up the following internal links:


This one downplays concerns about doctors asking about gun ownership. It correctly states that Medicare doesn't require such questions, but then crosses into falsehood in claiming such questions are the product of nothing more than "purely an individual initiative on the part of various doctors."


This one downplays concerns about using social security and VA information on ability to handle one's own finances as a determining factor in banning RKBA. "...the Obama administration isn't seeking to create new classes of persons excluded from gun ownership — those exclusions already exist, and the administration is only positing the use of Social Security Administration reporting as a method of enforcing them."


This one is so verbose in trying to debunk the "medical error kills more people than guns" stat that it makes me look pithy by comparison.

Go to snopes. Search for a term you feel you know a lot about and that has political ramifications, and read a half dozen of their articles. The bias becomes clear. And google will have nothing to do with it.



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Jan 14, 2009
Northwest Kent County, Michigan
Notice the article is by/from THE BOSTON TRIBUNE. This is the 2nd verified FALSE article* published from this source.

*Gun-related at least, there may be others . . .

It is yet unknown whether those behind these hoax articles are antis or what but someone has an agenda. Disturbing :-(
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