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OT: Fast CPL Issue for Non-Resident


Regular Member
Aug 3, 2008
Seattle, Washington, USA
What police/sheriff departments issue CPL's quickly. My sister is visiting in a few months and wants to be able to defend her self when staying in Seattle. She knows she can OC but as she plans on traveling on the the buses and cars she will need the CPL to stay legal. Any where within a 2 hour drive of the city would be great but I can take her out further if needs be as getting it in the Seattle area in time is not going to happen.


Regular Member
Nov 1, 2007
Deer Park, Washington, USA
I've read about one hour turnarounds for non-resident CPL(s) being issued from both Kitsap county and Klickitat County. :shocker:

I don't know about non-residents, but both my wife and I have been in and out in a couple hours.

This will be her first CPL. If it comes to it at least she will have it for next time.

She can always open carry. ;)
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Regular Member
Aug 7, 2012
S. Kitsap, Washington state
That's probably what will happen. It just makes riding public transit a little harder.

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Israeli Carry, no round in chamber, magazine, when entering a vehicle, eject the mag (while keeping it holstered) and put it in a pouch (buy mag pouches) and then reload when you exit a vehicle.

Washington accepts Florida CWPs and a florida permit is issued by mail. of course you'll need to find her an appropriate training course, and the fee is higher.