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Preferred 9mm conceal carry?


Activist Member
Sep 28, 2010
Lenexa, Kansas
This maybe an odd question since this being an open carry dedicated group. But there are times I do need to conceal carry regardless of my view with it. I have been looking at the Glock 26 9mm currently. I checked out the Gen5 at my local gun shop and with the pinky extension, it's quite a nice piece. I'm curious to know if' there's any nice subcompacts I should be looking at. I do have quite large hands! The M&P shield feels a bit small for my hands, or maybe I'm just not used to small sidearms. My current carry when I need to conceal is my Glock 19X 9mm.

Any recommendations of what I should be looking at would be great! I don't plan to own many conceal carry pistols. I highly prefer to open carry, but again I need a nice piece for when I do conceal carry. Price isn't really an issue and I don't mind a premium price tag.


Well-known member
Jan 6, 2010
Fairborn, Ohio, USA
If you are looking for a concealable Glock, check out the new 43X and 48. Both have 43-style single stacks, but 19-length grips. The 43X barrel length is comparable to the 43. The 48 barrel length is comparable to the 19.

While they don’t carry generation designations, they have Gen 5 features.