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So there's a missing Police Chief In Mexico


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May 14, 2010
Somewhere over the Rainbow
Police chief is missing in Mexico near our border just south of Laredo TX, they don't know where he went, just that he hasn't shown up for work. Ok not a good thing, but what is interesting is this part about how there has been no local Police for about 2 years.
"Local police haven't patrolled the streets of Nuevo Laredo Mexico for nearly two years after being disbanded over concerns about corruption, according to a U.S. State Department security report."

"Instead, the streets are patrolled by three-vehicle convoys of state police, dressed and armed like soldiers, and by the military in camouflaged trucks."

Here is the story: http://www.policeone.com/international/articles/6129271-No-explanation-for-police-chief-missing-in-Mexico/

Then the apparent officer comments at the bottom suggesting the blue helmets are needed "The lawless county of Mexico should be occupied by a multi-national peace-keeping force... this garbage has gone on too long. Bring in the blue helmets and kick some butt."

Is there something similar we have to look forward too with the support of Law Enforcement???

But then reading this article regarding the NRA's using a Justice memo to accuse Obama on guns

But maybe there is hope, an officer states in the comments:

"As a LE Officer of over 20 years it pains me to see that we Brother's and Sister's do not take more of a stand. We should be ashamed of our CHIEFS that even sit or stand with Obama and talk gun control. Our Sheriff's need to make the stand as numerous have out west. The Sheriff is the LAW of the Land. Read about the real duties of the Sheriff and what he means to the people and his duties. It would shock most of you. He can limit the federal in what they do in the land.
We have all taken an oath but that oath is not a BLIND ALLEGIANCE to follow illegal laws or unconstitutional laws that our Socialist Leader makes. We are to uphold the Constitution Against ALL ENEMIES Foreign and Domestic. I can tell you that my fellow Brothers that I work with have no problem when the time comes to enforce illegal and unconstitutional laws to stand against that and if need be defend our citizens and even if need be remove the badge and walk away to defend each other and our families and friends.
For the men who created the constitution who rebelled against another government to form one on their own and then had the smarts to create a document to limit there own powers tells you that they were smart men and knew what was needed to keep tyrants away from power. And then we have the AUDACITY to vote a Socialist Muslim loving leader to lead this great country. It is a sign of where we are going unless we take a stand to defend this great nation. Be Safe and remember your OATH."
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Jan 14, 2012
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"As a LE Officer of over 20 years it pains me to see that we Brother's and Sister's do not take more of a stand. We should be ashamed of our CHIEFS "

More of a stand? They have done nothing .. the feds have been giving them free toys & they want more free toys ... cops will do whatever obamalama wants (or whoever is president - it won't matter)