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Store employee defends herself from robbery


Jul 5, 2006
An attempted "take over robbery" at a local sandwich shop was partially foiled (and innocent lives protected) when a female employee shot one of the three robbers, as reported at this KSL article.

Being that the gun was used in what appears to be a legal, defensive manner, I doubt we'll hear much more about this. Follow up coverage is usually reserved for cases where an innocent person is hurt or killed by a bad guy with a gun. We wouldn't want the public to get the idea that good guys actually protect themselves very often.

Fair use excerpts:

Two men and a woman entered Quiznos, 1775 S. 4130 West, just after 6 p.m. as the store was closing.

"They came in, locked the door behind them, produced two guns and then attempted to enter the back room," said Salt Lake police detective Greg Wilking. "This is a takeover-style robbery. We don't see many of these, a very scary situation."

There were two employees in the store and no customers. One of the robbers went to the employee by the counter and two others attempted to enter a back room where the second employee, a woman, was, Wilking said.

The employee tried to barricade the door. She tried to use her body to push back on the door to keep the people out, Wilking said. Eventually, she pulled out a handgun that she was carrying and fired two to six shots around the door, striking the woman intruder, he said.


Jun 20, 2008
Pleasant Grove, Utah, USA
Sad that the employees had this experience. GLAD that the perps (at least one of the perps) were the ones injured!

HOPEFULLY, her employer with not fire her for her lawful and appropriate use of a self defense tool!