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Time Magazine - Photo essay profiles the open carriers of California


Regular Member
Jul 23, 2010
Palos Verdes Estates
Great article!

The one thing that I took away from that was the what the last picture stated, he said something to the extent of "It's about safety, I'm not trying to be a policeman".

BOOM! Hit the nail on the head. When you think back to the time when everyone (well most men anyway) wore big iron on there hip, they weren't looking to do the job of the town Sheriff. Nope, they were simply protecting themselves. I think a lot of people can't make the distinction between the two given the amount of time that has elapsed since people stopped wearing a firearm openly. Media took care of the rest and sealed a "mindset" that only NOW are we trying to somehow rehabilitate from. People have been programmed to somehow forget who the servants are (the elected officials and police) and we gave up the decision making process to the servants. Would you let your nanny or gardener handle your bank account? Seems kinda silly doesn't it?

You know ironically, there would probably be a lot less crime if more people OC'd (again).


Regular Member
Dec 7, 2009
Perris, Ca., California, USA
Very cool, and talk about a great marketing opportunity for Blackhawk Serpa Holsters. :D

Speaking of which, I plan on getting one: BlackHawk SERPA CQC Holster w/ Matte Finish


Regular Member
Nov 24, 2009
Long beach ca, , USA
Nice pictorial...my only problem with it would have to be the quote by one of the women in the salon pic. The woman went on to describe how nervous she was the one time she had to load her gun and she didn't know if she could use it. Quite honestly, unless you KNOW you can and will use it if necessary, you probably shouldn't be carrying.

I completely disagree! I think anyone who wishes to should carry. It is better to have and not use then to need and not have. No situation is the same and if someone hesitates at shooting and killing someone it may be for a reason. I have not run every scenario in my head if it even possible. When will I shoot to kill? I'll let you know if and (hopefully never) when it happens.


A couple of the ladies in the pictorial posted over at Calguns, one saying what she said to the author and how it was taken out of context:


I was "quoted" by a newspaper one time when I was a principal of a school in a small California town. The only problem with the quote was that the reporter and I never once discussed the topic for which I supposedly was being quoted. It was entirely made up by the newspaper.


Regular Member
Mar 9, 2010
Oakley, California, United States
I know the lady that was mis represented in this article. She has done more for this movement then in the last 10 months then most of us.

She has fought almost daily in Sac. Assembly members and Senators on both sides of the isle have said goods things about and to her. Even our strongest opposition have had good things to say about her.

Yes, the reported did take words out of context. As they always do. This event, was also only her second time carrying in public. If I recall.

So it is understandable why she would feel somewhat nervous in front of the reporter.


Regular Member
Apr 29, 2010
Concord, CA
This article is still going?

I actually wonder if I recorded this interview so what I actually said could be heard in context. I suppose it does not matter too much at this point given all we have been doing even after AB 1934 was defeated. I need people to not sweat the small stuff too much and focus the attention where it should be, back on open carry.

Overall it was a positive article and yes, I too hate that quote. The reporter that wrote this even caught me in Walnut Creek and apologized about what was done. He told me they did not take his quotes but instead listened to the interview and chose their own. He is thinking about doing another story on open carry. He is a very nice reporter.

Yes at the point of that picture I was very new to open carrying and maybe my 3rd event but I had been out with others open carrying and on my own in between. I now open carry everyday, everywhere I go or I ULCC if in a school zone.

Please expect another ban to be introduced Dec/ Jan. I keep getting conflicting updates on this but I have been told the bill has been rewritten but much cleaner. I will need to not be alone at the capitol. I know it is hard to get a day off of work but I can assure you when I was taking crews of people with varying expertise with me they did take days off of work to come with me and fight. I was able to get appointments with all Democrats except for 3. Two of them I was way too mad at for their attacks on OC and one we knew we had his vote since I constantly was talking with the staff.

There was way too much dirty play involved in this and rules were broken plenty. We had 2 more than needed to defeat this yet all the last minute game plays messed this up which is why the plastic bag bill also went down. Thank god for the filibuster and Chuck DeVore, Jeffries ext. What beautiful people and what wonderful people we have in open carry.

Guy B. Meredith

Regular Member
Jan 24, 2010
Salem, Oregon
Any person who is not going to use a firearm for self defense or has doubts should NOT carry as the inaction makes the weapon a trophy for the bad guy. Sort of a use it or lose it thing... It's not a magic talisman that will keep evil away.