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Visiting Iowa and have an Indiana LTCH...


Regular Member
Jul 5, 2011
Title pretty much says it all. I'm visiting Clinton Iowa, (yeah something about the name), at the end of the month for a few days and was wondering what their laws are on OC and out of state LTCH from Indiana...do they recognize it? etc...

I'm actually driving ALL THE WAY around Illinois so I don't have to deal with that state...

Also...any info on good/bad spots in Clinton, or what to watch out for in Iowa?

Thanks in advance...


Regular Member
Feb 17, 2010
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Iowa recognizes all other state's permits so you are good to go. In Iowa as long as you have a permit you can openly carry or conceal your weapon the choice is yours. Signs do not carry the weight of law but if you are open carrying and they ask you to leave then you have to leave or face trespassing charges. Pretty simple and straight forward.

As for Clinton I can't speak too much on where not to go or anything but there are some "different" areas that I have noticed just a little bit from passing through and putting on courses there. Parts of town you are going to need a clothes pin for your nose...


Regular Member
Jul 10, 2008
Iowa, USA
Parts of town you are going to need a clothes pin for your nose...

Thats the truth!!! That smell attaches itself to you. Its horrible.

I have OC'd around the clinton area several times without incident. Welcome to Iowa.