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Who needs a gun in church for protection?


Regular Member
Feb 23, 2009
Richmond, Virginia, USA

COUDERSPORT, Pa. (AP) — An elementary school music teacher walked into a church in the middle of Sunday services and shot and killed his ex-wife as she sat in a pew, police said.

Gregory Eldred, 52, of Coudersport, has been charged with first-degree murder, accused of twice shooting Darlene Sitler, 53, at the First United Presbyterian Church, where she served as organist and choir director. It wasn't immediately clear if she was serving in those capacities when she was shot.

Sadly, this type of violence seems to be on the rise.

peter nap

Accomplished Advocate
Oct 16, 2007

Yes it is sad Taz. The saddest part is that many of us live in a "Leave it to Beaver" style bubble.

I have always thought Timothy Tredwell deserved to be eaten by a bear because he lived in a similar bubble.

The most accurate comment I ever heard was directed at his stupidity but also applies to the real world.

I believe the common denominator of the Universe is not harmony, but chaos, hostility and murder.


Jan 14, 2012
earth's crust
I have always thought Timothy Tredwell deserved to be eaten by a bear because he lived in a similar bubble.


Only partially eaten - he was a true sportsman ! Yummy yummy sportsman. Bear likely ran out of Grey Poupon.

... I like the story of the bear hunter who went to take a leak and got mauled .. classic.

I wonder how many people, outside of war, have been killed in church...ya gotta wear a vest everywhere !

This guy should get the electric pew !