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Why OC? Here's why.


Regular Member
May 12, 2007
Western Prince William County, Virginia, USA
There are a few inaccuracies and the spoken delivery could be improved upon, but the message clear and correct.

Governments are inherently evil and they know but one thing. And that is to grow. Left unchecked they will eventually swallow up the governed. It's what they do. History has show, time after time, this to be true. For any government to succeed in a deliberate and despotic plan, it must do two things.

o Control the dissemination of information.
o Remove from the people their ability to resist.

These two universal truths are classic and absolutes. Do this and a government can wreak the path it wishes upon the subjugated "masses". All too often, that path has been one of destruction, mass murder, horror, and ruin. No government is immune from this path.

This video is one of the best explanations of governments and their relationship with the people;


Try to pick out where our nation currently sits in this picture. You won't be pleased.