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Recent content by IdahoOpenCarry

  1. IdahoOpenCarry

    To the Rabid Anti-Open Carriers

    Rabid, contemptuous and abusive persons who portray themselves as CCers and jump at every opportunity to malign and denigrate OCers just for the fact that they OC, leads me to believe that they are wolves in sheepdog clothing. I’m not talking to CCers who oppose OC for tactical or personal...
  2. IdahoOpenCarry

    Open Carry vs Concealed Carry - a comprehensive response

    Open Carry vs Concealed Carry I prefer to Open Carry because EVERY study shows that criminals will avoid armed persons. I also Open Carry because it often generates positive constructive discussions wherever I go, which advances our mission to promote our 2nd Amendment rights and naturalize...
  3. IdahoOpenCarry

    Idaho Deputy Attorney General to speak at Idaho Carry dinner Oct. 24, Public Welcome

    Paul Panther, Deputy Attorney General and Chief of the Criminal Law Division will be speaking to us at our October 24th dinner about the AG’s efforts at obtaining reciprocity agreements from other states. This will be another good one, so mark your calendars and bring your friends. It will be...
  4. IdahoOpenCarry

    THE GREAT DEBATE - OPEN CARRY vs CONCEALED CARRY - Sept 26, Meridian Fuddruckers

    At our next Idaho Carry dinner on September 26th at Fuddruckers at 3421 Eagle Road in Meridian at 6:30pm, I will be presenting my argument as to why I believe Open Carry is preferable to Concealed Carry. Atty. Ryan Jenks will then present his reasons for Concealed Carry being preferable to Open...
  5. IdahoOpenCarry

    Caravan to the Idaho State Capitol for 2nd Amendment Rally on Feb 23

    Caravan to the Capitol for February 23 Rally The Day of Resistance and the Armed Women Are Safer rally will be held in the Rotunda of the State Capitol in Boise. We are encouraging people who are driving a long distance to this rally, to team up and make a caravan with American flags flying...
  6. IdahoOpenCarry

    Idaho Carry Dinner at Fuddruckers in Meridian, Feb 20, 7pm

    Our next dinner will be on a WEDNESDAY (Thursday was booked) February 20th at 7pm at FUDDRUCKERS at 3421 N Eagle Rd in Meridian. Put this date on your Android, I-phone and any other device you have to remind you. Why Fuddruckers? Because we outgrew the Black Bear Diner and Fuddruckers will...
  7. IdahoOpenCarry

    Dou you have an hour to be an Idaho 2nd Amendment patriot?

    Representative Judy Boyle said that, rather than holding a rally next Friday on February 8th, our 2nd Amendment efforts should be directed to meeting our senators and representative on each gun related issue that goes to committee hearings this week and next, before they are voted on. If you do...
  8. IdahoOpenCarry

    Idaho Open Carry dinner, Jan 24, 7pm at the Black Bear Diner in Boise

    Our next Idaho Carry dinner will be on Thursday, January 24th at 7pm at the Black Bear Diner in Boise. Get there early to eat so we don’t have waiters running in and out during our presentation. The seating only allows 50 inside the room but during our presentation, there will be plenty of...
  9. IdahoOpenCarry

    Idaho Open Carry and Idaho Concealed Carry to operate under Idaho Carry - discussion

    On this July 4th, 2012, it is fitting that we affirm our own Declaration of Independence in the State of Idaho, independence from unconstitutional mandates handed down by Idaho government officials. Since founding Idaho Open Carry in November 2011, we have uncovered regulations not supported by...
  10. IdahoOpenCarry

    Idaho Open Carry dinner, July 19, Black Bear Restaruant in Boise, public is welcome

    Our next Idaho Open Carry Dinner will be held on July 19th at the Black Bear Restaurant at 7:00pm at 1731 S. Entertainment Ave., Boise (the same shopping center as Edwards Cinema 21 at Cole and Overland). Bring your family and friends to discuss how we will protect our right to Open and Conceal...
  11. IdahoOpenCarry

    Idaho Open Carry Third Thursday Dinner, May 17 at 7:00pm at Moon's Kitchen, Boise

  12. IdahoOpenCarry

    Idaho Open Carry Dinner, April 19, 7pm at "ON THE BORDER" in Boise

    Our IOC Third Thursday Dinner (visitors welcome) will be held next week, April 19, 7:00pm at “On The Border” Mexican Grill & Cantina at 7802 Spectrum Street, which is on the west side of the Edwards Boise Stadium 22 Movie Theater parking lot at Cole and Overland. Spectrum is the first street...
  13. IdahoOpenCarry

    Anti OC'ers just don't get it

    Anti-OC’ers and the Brady Campaign are successfully defeating Open Carry and the 2nd Amendment. Despite the evidence that every argument they have ever offered has been destroyed by facts and statistics, the misinformation advanced by anti-OC’ers and the anti-gun left has led to their success in...
  14. IdahoOpenCarry

    Our Third Thursday IOC dinner will be at Famous Dave's in Meridian on March 15th, 7pm

    All are welcome to come without reservations to our Third Thursday IOC dinner at Famous Dave's on March 15th at 7pm at 3510 North Eagle Road., Meridian, ID. We will meet in their side room to the left as you come through the front door. Call or email Tony if you have any questions. OC, use it...
  15. IdahoOpenCarry

    Boycotting Costco is not the answer – petition is!

    I’ve been reading many posts on various Carry sites suggesting that OC’ers and CC’ers boycott Costco, and other major companies, for not allowing any form of Carry on their premises. There is a better way. Costco does not post a “No Weapons” sign because they don’t want to offend those who...