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Recent content by sohighlyunlikely

  1. sohighlyunlikely

    Open Carry gun listed as one of the 7 types of guns you should own

    I am not really familiar with this guys videos but I found it interesting he specifically mentioned an Open Carry firearm as one of the 7 needed types of firearms. Doc http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ce8Q7BKda20&feature=player_embedded
  2. sohighlyunlikely

    New OC bumper Sticker Design

    Smartest of Smart cars. Doc
  3. sohighlyunlikely

    Yo Doc, if we get Superlite one of these for Christmas he will be a glock convert!

    He is to afraid of Glocks. He usually covers up at even the sight of one. A severe case of Glockaphobia. Doc he might if they looked like this.
  4. sohighlyunlikely

    Open Carry Gathering to remember 9/11

    This Sept 11th is the 10th anniversary of the the devastating attacks on the American people. As we the people of this community here at OpenCarry.org are filled with true American patriots. I am inviting everyone to join me in a family styled gathering at the park to remember the loss of our...
  5. sohighlyunlikely

    New OC bumper Sticker Design

    If you want one. print it out from the picture here or you can buy one at this link. http://www.cafepress.com/+it_is_a_right_open_carry_of_missouri_bumper,560343746 Doc
  6. sohighlyunlikely

    Styled guns for Open Carry

    I saw these at Cabela's. I am a more of a chrome/nickle finish fan when looking at personalized guns. At 1st I thought they were to over the top but I am starting to find them interesting. Doc
  7. sohighlyunlikely

    Cartoonist for St Louis Post-Dispatch mocks OC

    St Louis post dispatch cartoonist is looking to mock OC with caption contest on this picture. http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c124/sohighlyunlikely/Open%20Carry/OCcowboys.jpg Doc
  8. sohighlyunlikely

    97.1 Dave Glover talks about Open Carry

    Here is link to podcast. it is the Gun Talkn' segment on 6/21 http://www.971talk.com/glover/podcast.aspx Doc
  9. sohighlyunlikely

    Alleged 2A group President uses propaganda to discount OC

    http://stlouis.cbslocal.com/?podcast_url=http%3A%2F%2Fcbsstlouis.files.wordpress.com%2F2011%2F06%2Ffred-hebere.mp3&podcast_name=The+Mark+Reardon+Show&podcast_artist=Mark+Reardon&station_id=&audio_link=true&config_file=config.xml&dcid=CBS.STL Open Carrying vs. Concealed Carrying Fred Hebere...
  10. sohighlyunlikely

    Open Carry Talking Points, Video

  11. sohighlyunlikely

    Video of Maplewood Mayor's speech just before banning Open Carry.

  12. sohighlyunlikely

    Post Dispatch has interest in Open Carry here in St Louis

    Shane Anthony of the Post Dispatch Spoke to me about doing a discussion piece about my outreach into starting the Open Carry Movement here in St Louis. I spoke with him and he wants to write just an information discussion piece about what I did in starting the Starbucks tour. Which I am sure...
  13. sohighlyunlikely

    Policeone.com's - tips on contacts with 'open carry' citizens

  14. sohighlyunlikely

    Ladue/Frontenac MO 3/20/11 City Hall Tour

    To Whom it may concern, I will be getting a drink in Starbucks at 1500 South Lindbergh on Sunday 3/20/11 at 11:30AM. Then going a down the street to take a picture of myself and any Open Carry-er who wishes to join me in front of the Frontenac city hall and then the Ladue city hall. Then...
  15. sohighlyunlikely

    Are Missouri LEO's profiling younger OC'ers?

    I think Lancer was actually on his 1st day of OC when he was cuffed up. Are Missouri LEO's profiling younger OC'ers? It seems that most of the LEO encounters where the LEO is overly aggressive is involving a OC'er in there 20s. It is starting to look like more than a coincidence. I am a middle...