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Complaints about a kid selling lemonade


Campaign Veteran
Aug 13, 2007
Fairfax County, Virginia
“When will this illegal nonsense ... stop?” Doug Wilkey wrote in reference to the lemonade stand in an email complaint to city officials on June 11 that was obtained by ABC News. “This is the value of the home that I have owned for 32 years getting ravaged! This is costing me thousands of dollars in home value & my taxes should be reduced accordingly!”

I had to think about this one for a while. I finally concluded that Doug Wilkey must be running a brothel out of his home.


Active member
Aug 4, 2007
Cumming, Georgia, USA
"So, let me get this straight, Mr Wilkey, we have a neighborhood that's demonstrably safe enough that a young child isn't frightened to set up a lemonade stand and have money there... and this somehow 'ravages' the value of the properties in that neighborhood?"
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Regular Member
Oct 24, 2013
United States
Bitter statist, who thinks the value of his property is more important than liberty. Who wants to wager on what institutions of the state he adores? ;)

Why is he a statist? Because he values his property rights? Thats an assumption and a half.

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