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NY Mom Charged After Posing Kids with Guns


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Sep 4, 2008
, , Tajikistan
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Given the fact that there are multiple charges and drugs were involved, I say they were piling on charges to make sure something stuck.


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Jun 10, 2008
Alabama, ,
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Has anyone seen the pictures?
I could see it if they were putting the barrel in their mouth or something.
A 5 month old on a bearskin rug packing heat, I wouldn't have a problem
unless I could clearly see the loaded chamber indicator was sticking out.
But it is NY, guess if you named the kid plaxico and stuff it in his diaper.....

But if all they had to go on was a picture forwarded from a third party,
the law should suppress the drugs, but they are screwed by the drug
laws supersede constitutional rights standard. I am surprised the media
hasn't used the word 'arsenal' yet in the coverage, they leave me with the
impression there was more than one gun from the story.

But this is the government who couldn't get R Kelley, and they had it on video.:banghead: