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Online Oregon Training

Bill Starks

State Researcher
Dec 27, 2007
Nortonville, KY, USA
Do you want your Oregon Concealed License?

Sheriff Dickerson of the Columbia County Sheriff's Office in Oregon will accept the Washington DC Police Department Online training course.

The training course is FREE and takes about 20-30 mins to complete.
Washington DC Metro Police Firearms Safety Training Course

per the Sheriff's Dept...
Bill - While we are always cautious about Concealed handgun Training we are even more cautious about online training. Obviously the instructors are qualified. The course outline appears to cover the material necessary.
We would be willing to accept this course. AT the time of application we will however require the applicant to sign a Declaration of Completion of an Online Handgun Safety Course.

states that honor Oregon CHL - AK, AL, AR, AZ, IA, ID, IN, KS, KY, MI, MO, MS, MT, NE, NC, OK, SD, TN, UT, VT
(Nebraska is the one state that the Oregon CHL gives you over Washington)

Oregon does not honor other state's concealed licenses. Oregon will ONLY issue to WA, ID, CA, NV and residents of Oregon.

All the forms for getting your CHL are available through these links
* CHL App: http://www.co.columbia.or.us/sheriff/images/pdfs/ccso_chl_2012_app_final.pdf
* Reference letter (requires 2): http://www.co.columbia.or.us/sheriff/images/pdfs/Reference_Letter.pdf
* Compelling reason letter (use this form letter) http://www.washingtongunrights.com/misc/compelling-need-letter.pdf
* former military can submit a copy of their DD-214 in place of the handgun training certificates
* Need a copy of the online training: https://dcfst.mpdconline.com

Sheriff's Dept -
1. We take only cash, checks or money orders
2. The applicant needs to give compelling reason why they want a CHL in Oregon. (I have a form letter)
5. We require 2 reference letters. The form letters that need to be filled out are on our website. The applicant can bring them to us filled out or their references can mail them to us. It does not change or delay the application process.

Cost: $65 new / $50 renewal
Site: http://www.co.columbia.or.us/sheriff/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=27&Itemid=53
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Regular Member
May 6, 2007
2519 E Fourth Plain Blvd, Vancouver Washington, US
In person training

While I understand the appeal of online training, and admitting I have a personal stake in this,

I would urge you to get live, in-person training with local relevance.

Myself and any number of other NRA certified instructors local to your area offer very reasonably-priced concealed and other firearms training. Professional athletes don't take the field without a coach, LE gets trained, even amateur sports leagues use coaches.

None of us are above learning something new, or refreshing something we learned long ago. You will often learn as much from interacting with other students in the classroom, as you will from the teacher. But the cumulative experience in the room will definitely prove valuable.


Bill Starks

State Researcher
Dec 27, 2007
Nortonville, KY, USA
Funny... the ONLY folks who have complained to me about the online training have been those who make money from the training.

I spent 9 years shooting with various Army pistol teams, 22 years carrying a firearm for personal protection yet I still had to sit thru that same 4 hour class that ONLY told me about Utah laws. If I never go to Utah what use is Utah carry laws? For those states that require actual shooting to pass the class I surely see the need but when you have folks in your field charging over $100 for a simple class that requires no real hands on training, I take offense.

Arizona will accept my DD-214 in place of training (in fact AZ will accept a copy of the Oregon CHL in place of training)
Oregon Will accept my DD-214 in place of training
Kentucky will accept a DD-214 in place of training
Florida will accept a DD-214 in place of training
Ohio will accept a DD-214 in place of training
North Carolina will accept a DD-214 in place of training
Tennessee will accept a DD-214 in place of training
and the list goes on.....


Apr 12, 2015
Just wanted to add to this thread that if anyone is looking for Oregon CHL education, information, etc., the Oregon State Sheriff's Association provides online CHL courses and certification at OregonCHL.org